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Helping clients plan, integrate and develop your company’s value in to your collateral for use on the web and traditional marketing channels is the reason I have . I also develop materials and collateral used in marketing presentations to investors, sales

personnel and potential clients. My freelance design work includes projects that are used on the web and print. I work closely

with clients to develop a visual style and overall look that best communicates their product uniqueness and benefit.

Great Ideas Need Tack Sharp Focus

Ideas are a dime a dozen, the challenge is  keeping a “great idea” the main focus.  It has been said a “Great Idea” is the foundations for “Great Reward”. It is also true “Great Ideas” need to be the center point of a great plan. 

Understanding the marketing process and reason “Great Ideas” work requires a solid understanding of the marketing landscape. Without a great plan different goals and objectives will begin to influence your decisions costing you time and money. Before you know it the “Great Idea” has been cannibalized and has become an uncontrolable mess. At some point you begin to wonder who is marketing who, and you walk away with a bad taste for marketing in general.

Don’t get lost in the process, let us help you keep your eye on the mark by clarifying your marketing plan, reducing steps / cost and keeping a “tack sharp” focus.