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Color Harmony

This page will give you a brief overview of color harmony guidelines that really work. I will also find that working with color doesn’t have to be intimidating or myserteous. Confidence in the color selection process helps you the right colors that will provided visual impact and provide an emotion response to your strong design.

Color Harmony Basics

The color wheel has a total of 12 basic hues and starting with the primary colors of red, blue and yellow. When the primary colors are mixed together they form secondary colors. The secondary colors ar orange, green and purple. When a primary and a secondary color are combined they create a tertiary color for example yellow orange. There are 3 primary colors, 3 secondary colors and 6 tertiary colors. Using these color in a pleasing way is called color harmony.

Primary Colors

Secondary Colors

Tertiary Colors

The Primary Colors are the Building Blocks of the Color Wheel

Primary colors are the building blocks for all other colors in the color wheel. Other categories of color include secondary and tertiary color groups. A little red, yellow or blue is found in the secondary and tertiary colors understanding this simple fact helps us understand what colors work best together.

All Light is Color

In our solar system all natural light is produce by the sun and is the source of visible light and color, and everything in our world reacts to the light by holding or releasing parts of the visual spectrum to produce color. The absence of color produces black and all colors in the spectrum combined creates white.

Triadic Color Scheme

Designs that use a triadic color scheme uses colors that are located a 1/3 of the way around the color wheel from each other. The color wheel above gives you an example of triadic colors used in the graphic of a toucan below.   

Harmony Examples

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