GENE BOLLIG  •  Graphic Designer


Good design requires great graphic elements to communicate a unique voice. Especially today when businesses need something special to cut through the clutter. Great elements like photos, illustrations, graphics, text and motion can help express your unique voice. Let’s work together to discover your unique voice.

Website Design

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Web work for me is collaboration with a long time friend and colleague Steve Haase who has been building affordable website 30+ years. His company specializes in Real Estate websites. High Elevation Marketing is equipped to provide a stunning website at a fraction of the cost of other web developers. Even though real estate websites are his specialty  other products include non-profile and business options.

My role in the process is to provide stunning graphic / photographic elements sets your products / services apart from the crowd. Check out the sample portfolio by selecting the button below.

Branding Logo Design

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Your logo communicates your special business and services. I use vector art to begin all of my project in Illustrator. That will make the image clean and editable. I will them import the design into Photoshop to add dimensionality I can not achieve in Illustrator. This process is the best way to maintain control over the image quality throughout the design process.

Product Services

Mock-ups & Product Photos

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The quickest way to communicate an idea is to create a visual mock-up. The old adage is true a picture is worth a thousand worlds. I have created mockups using photos I have taken or sometimes stock photos as the base image for a product mockup. 

Business Publications

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It comes as no surprise that the demands for graphic design have become more and more demanding. The need for both traditional and electronic design is on the increase. There is no doubt design needs to fit both environments and at the sometime remain seamless. Setting aside the argument on which environment is needed the most it remains a fact that a designer needs both skillsets to provide the needs of a demanding marketing environment. If you are looking for a solution that offers a multi-faceted approach to integrated marketing give us a call.