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The purpose of this document is to provide a visual reference to the possibilities marketing and design needed in business. Because most people have a hard time visualizing ideas, especially those generated by another person a visual primer helps fill in the communication gaps. After the initial process of gathering ideas has been nailed down all accumulated ideas and work are stored for reference. During this process many ideas and concepts are developed, some good some not so good. The best ideas are then collected and used as a visual reference for future reference. This document is called a  corporate identity primer and it can be used as a guideline sculpt the final product a corporate identity guideline. The corporate identity guideline has several purposes one being to insure brand consistency but it is also an important tool to remind us what worked has been done. Marketing as a discipline is very fluid and changing. This reality can be a very challenging reality, and has the potential to derail the marketing efforts of the best businesses. A corporate identity kit is a visual reminder of the past steps taken in the marketing effort. In many cases a business will have several sources for marketing and advertising, without this visual reference it is easy to repeat ideas and waste time and money with vendors that don’t have that point of reference. A corporate identity kit can provide that point of references needed to avoid repetition and reduce repeating processes and wasted efforts. The corporate identity kit is a good investment and provides a quick reference of past efforts.

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Corporate Identity Primers • Business Cards

This primer is focused on more specific elements of the marketing toolkit, this one in particular is foced on business cards. This primer shows the possibilities available for business cards in type and design. This primer shows high quality cards used by the executive and others that have been die-cut or foiled embossed. This primer also has a guide or reference showing the different layouts and materials available to the client. It has an interesting example of a mini brochure that doubles as a business card.

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Business Starter Package

If you are looking to start a new business and would like a reasonably priced package to help you get started I can help. Contact me by email or fill out the contact form for the website and I will work with you on pricing and conceptual primers.

You may want designs like the ones displayed to the left, or you may need items that are more like traditional or electronic designs. either way we can provide you with the design needed to start your new business venture.

Logo Samples

sLogo designs come in all styles, types and designs and one size doesn’t fit all. For instance, a large corporation with a big budget will see a logo design much differently than a small local business. The difference is in the purpose. The logos below are specially designed for event or businesses that invoke a fun mood.

Fun Logos