Briefly, my qualifications and past experiences include:
  • Generation of creative content, Execution and Fulfillment of marketing strategies and advertising campaigns: driving demand for consumer product lines through visual media
  • Market Profiling: researching demographic, geographic, lifestyle, and psychographic market details to identify the target customer
  • Market Monitoring: using analytic data feedback to determine performance and adjustments during marketing/sales campaigns
  • Product Line Development: simplifying lines into a market ready format
Sales/Database Development
      • Information Delivery: utilizing database development, delivery of intellectual equity, and “selling is teaching” strategies through inbound marketing
      • Revenue Generation: developing systems of sales conversion, improving efficiency and speed in product and price information delivery
      • Sales Aids: generating sales workflow tools via project calculators, relational/CRM databases, and other electronic product information distribution platforms
Dealer Development and Support
        • Dealer Support/Account Management: defining marketing strategy, devising plan, coordinating schedule, and executing fulfillment
        • Niche Market Strategies: identifying markets along with demographic analyses and launching new product through electronic and traditional channels
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