About Gene

GeneHeadShotBestReducedGreetings from beautiful western Colorado!

My name is Gene. I’m a marketing designer and I work with small businesses to create marketing collateral and databases that increase traffic and potential sales.

I love what I do, and my passion is to create design that works for you. If my designs put your business in the best light and those efforts lead to financial success then I have done my job.

Art and design has always been a big part of my life, in high school my talents and skills afforded me the opportunity to participate in independent study programs at an young age. After high school I worked to develop my skills on my own because access to formal training was out of my financial reach. In the early years, it was hard to find design opportunities and financial survival became a life priority. But then something great happened, the beginning of the computer graphics revolution. I saw the perfect opportunity to pursue my dream so I bit the bullet and purchased my first Macintosh computer with Adobe Illustrator, PageMaker and Paint Shop. I was hooked immediately and I never looked back.

Today, with a world of experience and burning desire to perfect my skills constantly, I am on a mission to find a better way to create great design, I see it and I try it. I will never stop learning and designing, it is just part of who I am. Check out some of my work experience on my website, then give me a call I would love to talk design over a cup of coffee. My treat!